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Live television in France

Live TV in France includes the TV stations TF1, France 2, France 3, M6, Sports and many other free to view stations. TF1 is the largest television channel in France. It is privately owned and provides mainstream entertainment, newspapers and movies. France Télévisions is the French public service broadcaster and offers a wide range of TV programmes through its many channels.

France 2 is the flagship France Télévisions channel. It provides a wide range of programmes including news, series, sports, films, documentaries and much more. France 3 is also a national television channel, but offers more in the way of regional programmes. France 4 and France 5  broadcast a variety of programmes, many in the field of culture and art.

M6 is a very popular TV channel in France.  The station provides numerous entertainment programmes, including imported shows from the USA and UK. This channel is owned by Groupe M6, who also head the W9 TV channel, which is similar in content to M6.

There are many other available TV channels such as Arte a French German TV collaboration broadcasting art and culture. , Canal Plus, a pay to view movie channel and other free TV channels Direct8, TMC and NT1.


News, Sport, Children and Movies

France 24 and BFM TV are just two of the news channels that are freely available in France. There are also some channels dedicated to sports such as RMC live. Children's stations include Ludo, Zouzous, Canal J, Boomerang, Nickelodeon and Gulli.

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The most popular French TV channels include TF1, TF2 and TF3 for general entertainment, news and drama. M6 airs American series in both French and original language versions. BFM and France 24 are rolling news channels with live stream broadcasts. In addition, you can watch live streaming TV and video on demand from numerous TV channels to suit all interests such as kids station ZouZous, Arte en Direct a culture station, sports and more.

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