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Television in Hungary

In Hungary, the most popular public television stations are M1, M2 and Duna. M1 offers news programs throughout the day. M2 offers programmes for children and family-friendly entertainment. Duna TV offers all kind of cultural and entertainment content with some of the most popular programmes in Hungary such as  Fábry, Ridikül and Maradj Talpon.

RTL Klub is also very popular. This station offers foreign made TV shows such as the very popular series Friends’ and American detective series. In addition, RTL Klub produce a variety of successful Hungarian programmes with many episodes available for viewing online on demand.  The sister channel of RTL Klub is RTL 2.

The commercial channel TV2 is the second most popular, with popular programs such as Frizbi Hajdú Péterrel. Viasat3 is a light entertainment channel. This station does not broadcast political and news programmes, it’s only purpose is entertainment and it is popular with a younger audience.

News, Sports ,Kids, and Movies

In addition to the best-known TV channels in Hungary, there are countless TV stations, which specialize in certain types of content, and many of these channels can be viewed online.

The most watched news programmes  are: HírTV, ATV and Euronews. There is no shortage of sports channels with sports events covered by M4, RTL Klub and TV2. Other sports channels include Sport TV, Digisport1, Digisport2 and Sports Club.

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Hungary TV comprises of a choice of TV channels that you can view online. M1 Online - Élő Adás – and M2 Online - Élő Adás – Live comes from public service broadcaster similar to the BBC. Choose Duna TV1, ATV, EchoTV or M1 Formula for Sports, kid’s station Mese 1 and more. Watch all your TV favourites from Hungary online.

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