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Television in the  Netherlands

In the Netherlands, traditional television is dominated by three TV stations; the public broadcasting company NPO, RTL Netherlands and, to a lesser extent, SBS Broadcasting.

NPO1 is the most important mainstream TV channel with the company being a forerunner in providing free online and live streaming TV. Public broadcasters share NPO 1, NPO2 and NPO 3 between them and although the stations air commercials, these are rigorously controlled and not allowed to disrupt TV programmes.

RTL is the major commercial TV station in the Netherlands and the flagship channel is l RTL 4. This predominantly airs general entertainment shows such as talk shows, talent and reality shows and TV drama. RTL 4 also broadcasts some major events including Europa League football, which is offered for free and online. You can catch up with RTL programmes on demand  via RTL XL online.  Many of these programmes are free to watch

News, Sports ,Kids, and Movies

Besides the generic TV stations, there are lots of  Dutch TV channels to watch in the areas of News, Kids, Sports and Film. The most important rolling news stations are NPO News 24 and RTL Nieuws

Kids TV includes NPO Zeppelin and Nickelodeon. Sport  broadcasting pays a lot of attention to football.  SBS/, provides regular  livestream coverage of the Champions League and the Europa League.

The American company Netflix is the standard-bearer when it comes to providing online film content. Netflix is very popular in the Netherlands (and worldwide) and Dutch competitor Videoland is struggling hard to keep up.

Finally, regional broadcasters are also well represented in the Netherlands with live streams online.

Enjoy Dutch TV online via and keep up with the news, views and entertainment from the Netherlands. TV from Holland is available for free live stream direct to your PC tablet or device so you can watch Dutch TV online whenever and wherever you like. Free online television from the Netherlands –a great way to stay connected with Holland even when you are in the UK.

Choose from a wide range of TV channels that provide watch live stream TV. NPO 1 (Nederland 1) provides a wide choice of programmes including news, major events sports updates and entertainment available via free livestream. Alternatively watch NPO2 and NPO3, or RTL Video Snacks to enjoy video on demand. Watch the latest news via NPO Nieuws 24. Catch up with the best of Brutaal with BNN on 101 TV. Watch live stream Europa League football on RTL 7.

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