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Channel Five On Demand. Channel 5 was originally launched as the UK’s 5th terrestrial channel. Its output is significantly entertainment based and consists of a combination of domestic and overseas programmes.

About Channel 5

Channel 5 was launched on the 31st March 1997 and was initially owned by RTL before being subsequently sold to Northern & Shell in July 2010.
It is the UK’s fifth most popular channel and caters to a wide demographic which includes both children and adults.  Channel 5 provides a diverse range of entertainment programmes. These include the hit reality TV show, Big Brother.  The channel also provides a quality selection of American dramas which are highly popular amongst its audience. 
Channel 5’s programming schedule also includes sports, news programmes as well as documentaries.

Main programmes of Channel 5

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:  A popular crime series featuring the Crime Scene Investigators, a team of forensic investigators employed by the Las Vegas Police Department and the murders they solve by examining the evidence left behind.
NCIS: An American drama series focusing on a fictional team of special agents who conduct criminal investigations involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. 
Sons of Anarchy: An American drama series focusing on a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club based in the fictional town of Charming, in California's Central Valley. The show also details the interactions of members with rival gangs, residents of the town and members of law enforcement.
The Mentalist: An American television series featuring Patrick Jane, a former fraudulent psychic who possesses highly developed observational skills and an in depth understanding of human behaviour with which he assists the California Bureau of Investigation in solving several crimes.

Other programmes of Channel 5

Bomb Patrol, Dallas, Person of Interest, The Gadget Show, Neighbours, The Wright Stuff, Inside Hollywood, The restaurant inspector, Archer, My Dad Says, The Beeps, Castle, Chuck Comedy Kings, Cricket, CSI Crime Scene Investigation, Eli Stone, Fifth Gear, Grey's Anatomy, The Guardian, Law & Order, Knight Rider, Malcolm in the Middle, Numbers, UEFA Football live.

Online Availability of Channel 5

UK Only. The period of availability for programmes aired on Channel 5 may vary although they can usually be viewed on Demand 5 within 7 days of their original broadcast date. Restrictions may apply.

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