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One of the UK’s top 5 channels, Channel 4 is dedicated to providing innovative and creative programmes which appeal to a culturally diverse society. The channel features reality TV shows, children’s shows, music and late night films as part of its programming schedule.

History/about the channel in general:

Owned by the Channel Four Television Corporation, Channel 4 was launched in November 1982 and is broadcast throughout the UK. Initially featuring a programming schedule which focused on the arts, music and culture, the channel introduced reality series, sports and shows from the US, in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience. Shows such as Big Brother, I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Celebrity Big Brother earned Channel 4 considerable success. These new shows also ushered in a new era of TV programming as other channels sought to emulate their resounding success. Over the years Channel 4 has continued to maintain its dedication to producing quality, entertaining programmes which cater to a multicultural society, introducing new programmes including Misfits and Skins alongside long running favourites such as Countdown and Deal or No Deal.

Main programmes of Channel 4:

Countdown: The longest running programme of the channel, this popular British game show features contestants attempting to outdo each other in solving numerical and alphabetical puzzles.

Deal Or No Deal: A popular game show in which contestants attempt to outwit ‘The Banker’, ensuring that they leave with a higher sum of money than the amount initially issued to them at the start of the game.

Hollyoaks: Set in the fictional town of Chester, this long running popular series focuses on the lives of its residents, detailing their relationships with one another and the daily obstacles they struggle to overcome, in search of their dreams. Entertaining and engaging, the show also touches on serious issues such as drug addiction, bullying and alcohol abuse.

Shameless: A critically acclaimed comedy series which focuses on the residents of Chatsworth Estate, including Paul Gallagher, an intelligent but workshy individual as well as the notorious Maguire family.


Other programs:

Frasier, Glee, Scrubs, Will and Grace, etc.

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